Dear gliding enthusiasts,

Since late December, we received 93 entries for the 36th World Gliding Championships at Stendal. We are very happy about that, given the current circumstances! We also received many questions on how the Pandemic crisis will influence the competition. So let us give you a quick update on where we are with our preparations for the 36th WGC at Stendal.

So far, we arranged towplanes and facilities, worked on official documents and reached out to various authorities. So all the basic work is in progress and continuing. But we are also working under the assumption that the competition will happen under significant Covid-19 restrictions. The full extent of these restrictions is not fully clear yet, so we delayed the deadline for entry-fee payment until April 30th. The Invitation Bulletin was updated accordingly.

A few restrictions are already known. We expect not to be able to host any visitors beside contest participants. Furthermore, hotels and restaurants are still closed in Germany. So all teams who are hosted outside of the camping ground are encouraged to reach out to their hosts and check if their reservations are still valid. All participants who did not register yet via our registration form are asked to complete this until 7th of March. This helps us in our preparations.

Further alignment with the public health authorities will happen during March. We are planning to give a more precise update on these restrictions in late March / early April.

All the best to you and stay safe!

Henning and Christoph for the whole Organizing Team