Dear gliding enthusiasts,

it continues to be a challenging situation for all involved. In this update, we want to provide more transparency on the limitations that we expect for the WGC in July. As stated in our update from early April, we want to decide on April 30th on whether the WGC can happen or not. The decision criteria remain as stated. The rules and laws on Covid-limitations are constantly changing in Germany. So we are planning to publish the final and specific Covid-rules in late June. These will be an appendix to our Local Procedures.

We expect the Covid-rules for the 36th WGC in Stendal to contain the limitations mentioned below – some of them were mentioned in our update from early April already. There may be changes until July. But this list reflects the current rules as of late April 2021.
  1. For entry into Germany, the official regulations as published by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany apply: This means that travellers from risk areas, high incidence areas or virus variant areas have to follow quarantine regulations als laid out on this website. The list of such areas is constantly updated and can be accessed at the website of the Robert Koch Institute. As of April 21st, Quarantine upon entry will not be possible at the Stendal airfield.  If individuals have to be tested prior to entry to Germany, the costs of these tests will not be reimbursed by the organizer.
  2. Pilots, team members, volunteers and members of the organizing team will have to be tested for Covid-19 infections when arriving at the airfield and potentially during the competition. Should the health authority accept Antigen self tests for this purpose, the organizer will cover the costs of these tests. In case the authority requires the use of PCR tests, the organizer will not cover such costs. As of mid-April, such PCR tests come at a cost of approx. 50€ each.
  3. Persons with a positive Antigen test result will have to move into a quarantine facility in order to have their test result validated through a PCR test. The facility is located in a former hotel nearby the airfield. This also applies to individuals who were in direct contact with the positively tested person. The costs of this quarantine facility  of 21.50€ per night and person as well as validating PCR tests are not covered by the organizer.
  4. In closed confinements, protective face masks will have to be used and personal distancing rules must be followed. Usage of rooms will be limited to a specified amount of persons.
  5. Daily briefings may be held online through a video conferencing system.

As of late April, hotels, restaurants and hostels are still closed in Germany. We strongly encourage all teams who plan to stay outside of the airfield to reach out to their hosts.

Please let us know via email to in case you have any further questions.

Kind regards,
Henning and Christoph for the Organizing Team