Dear gliding enthusiasts,

Let us give you another update on the preparations of the 36th WGC at Stendal during the ongoing pandemic situation. First, we are very happy that we received 97 entries until the deadline on March 31st. This is great, given the current circumstances with the pandemic still restricting public life. Now obviously, participants and the organizing team would like to have clarity on if the WGC will actually happen or not.

We will make this decision together with the local authorities on April 30th, based on the viability of a number of preconditions outlined below. We will also need at least 60 valid entries (i.e. entry fees paid) by the end of April. Otherwise it will not be possible for us to run the competition, since we have to enter contractual committments from May onwards. In case we will cancel the WGC on April 30th, we will fully reimburse entry fees that we received until that date, minus potential transaction fees. Our reimbursement policy from May onwards is specified in the Local Procedures.
Since our last update late February, we agreed on preconditions with the authorities that have to be met in order to run the competition:
– the 36th WGC in Stendal will not be a public event. Visitors will not be able to enter the airfield, access is restricted to registered team members, registered volunteers and members of the organizing team only
– facilities on the airfield will have to be arranged in such a way that keeping the distancing rules is possible

– team members, volunteers and members of the organizing team will have to be tested for Covid-19 infections before and during the competition. Positively tested persons will have to move into a quarantine facility in order to have their test result validated. The costs of this quarantine facility and validating PCR tests cannot be covered by the organizing team. Further details of the testing rules will be published in June, before the competition starts.

For entry into Germany, the official regulations as published by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany apply:; the relevant federal state (named “Länder” on this website) is Sachsen-Anhalt. These regulations are frequently updated. Until summer, there may be improvements for vaccinated persons. But the extent of these improvements is not clear yet.

Please let us know via email to in case you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Henning and Christoph for the Organizing Team